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Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Getting More Visibility Online

Although there are many approaches to optimizing a Web site for better visibility, but there a some common sense ways to get that visibility.This video with Google engineer Matts Cutts summarizes it well and offers a few tips:


There are millions of sites online today and the numbers increase by the minute. Your site needs to be search engine ready to achieve the highest possible rankings. That means your site should be structured with search engines in mind, utilizing the most up-to-date search engine submission information available. Search engine marketing services include:

  • Web Site design & Site Optimization. Sites that are optimized, light weight site and inviting to search engines help with search engine positioning in search engines.
  • Content Development. While your site must be search engine ready, it still needs to be human centered — after all, it's people that buy your products and services ... not the search engines. A clear message and call to action are are the foundation of rich, human-centered site content.
  • Search Engine Submissions. Custom submission of your site to the top search engines. (Not all search engines require submissions.)
  • Keyword Development. Keyword strategy assistance to improve rankings.
  • Paid Submissions Program. Trends indicate that search engine services are promoting paid submission programs with the decline of online banner advertising revenues. If you have a lot of competition in your industry and you're ready to invest in a paid submission strategy, we'll help you identify the best programs and develop a well-rounded campaign.
  • Landing Pages. Ideal for paid campaigns and highly adaptable for other forms of online marketing. Focus on a specific message that will drive sales.
  • Site Traffic Reporting & Analysis. Tracking your efforts is just as important as your Web-based campaigns. Discover which pages are the most and least effective. Find out how many prospects become customers. We'll help you analyze your site traffic reports and calculate your conversion rates and ROI for future planning.
  • Blogs. Once just a way to express personal, religious and political expression, blog marketing is a powerful strategy to build link popularity for your site. Custom WordPress blogs that can be easily updated by you are hosted on your site for best results.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). When you need sales fast, pay per click advertising (e.g. google adwords) is the quickest way to generate traffic. Successful campaigns require a goal, targeted keywords, engaging titles, a well written ad, a landing page and a good offer.
  • SEO and Social media tutoring and education. Want to understand search engine marketing and optimization better? Trying to decide if social media marketing is for you? The Web Division offers a variety of tutoring and education that will help you to become a better online marketer.

What's New in SEO?

What's changed in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing? The question might be better phrased as what hasn't changed. SEO is constantly changing - it's never static. And now Social Media has changed how we promote online.

If being at the top of search is important to your business — at the top in your local market, the national market or the world market — your site requires some fundamental optimization to gain the exposure you need. Your site also also needs more incoming links. Keywords are just the beginning of getting to the top of search. If you need to be on that first page of search results for you top keywords and you're not there yet, contact us for a free site analysis that will point out how your site can benefit from search engine optimization services.


Top of Search. Top of Mind. Top Results.

Search Engine
Marketing Terms

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEP: Search Engine Positioning

PPC: Pay-Per-Click Program such as Google Adwords

Organic SEO: Optimizing for improved natural search results using keyword, design and submission practices.